Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Year in Photos- Round Two

So last year I made a post summarizing my first year in Spain through photos and I think it's a good way to sort of keep a sort of timeline of things without being too exhausted from sifting through facebook. So here it goes Season 2 of Cathy in Spain in Photos.

Rained on in Valencia right before the school year started but ended up going to a Nigerian wedding reception.
Started working at an elementary school and one of the perks is the loving and interesting drawings you get from students :)

Going to an Improv comedy night in Madrid, first of many nights out with Makhala and saying goodbye to DeAnna
(but we're gonna be back for adventures in Extremadura!) 
Bilbao, Pais Vasco- the one day it didn't rain!!

San Sebastian, Pais Vasco

Reuniting with Kristina from study abroad in Puerto Rico...3 years later!

Casco Viejo, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain-- After being called Negrita on the bus ride over.

Hermanas Around the World!! Me and Nelly in Caceres

First and only Pantomime- I'm a Living Doll- Take a look at my hair ti's real!

Getting Charity from Mr. Scrooge!

Reuniting with last years teacher group! And losing my abono one last time... -_-
Taking the Christmas Lights Bus around Madrid

Roman Ruins in Segovia before my Camera Died 

Christmas in Barcelona- La Rambla

La Sagrada Familia

New Years Eve in Rome with the cousin! First time having pupusas since leaving Cali!

The struggle to always making the plane on time even when they change the gate on you. 
Rained out yet again- Torre de Belem- Portugal

Pasteis de Belem- Good pastries, best orange juice EVER!

Church in a Cave- Asturias

Gijon, Asturias-- just before it started to hail uncontrollably-- OW!

Fries in Brussels! Ahh-mazing!

Chocolate from Brugge that I couldn't have til after Lent.

Underground "Caribbean" AntiTapas Dance Party in Belgium

Hanging out at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our favorite Mariachi!

Girls night out- Drinks and Les Miserables

Out for Matt's Birthday!

The things I do for Madrid Players... For Love nor Money

I kissed a boy once.... my monologue was a hit!

Soler, Mallorca, Spain

Spring Break- View from our Hotel

Walk along the Mediterranean
Marwan- cantautor y poeta... Parisa made me a groupie!

Celebrating my birthday with the roomies

The wind is not on my side on the Rio Ebro in Zaragoza.

La Aljaferia, Zaragoza

More posing :P

Finishing of my poetry writing obligations for NaPoMo

Ecce Mono-- Borja, Zaragoza, Spain

Then I got cast in Steel Magnolias-- And Daryl Hannah replied to my tweet!
And  I became a hair dresser

And objected to looking like a nun the whole way. 

And got the Hollywood treatment- four people working on me 2 on hair and 2 on makeup. Living the dream!

Oh and I had a baby... :P

And this project became the gift that keeps on giving such great reviews and such wonderful friendships made with everyone involved in the production <3
Last trip of the Season Galicia, Spain

Hike up Pont de Eume

All my favorite people... standing on a bridge

Finally saw a game at the Real Madrid Stadium

Last Metro Rides 
Enjoying THE typical spanish dish- Tortilla de patata!

Goodbye staff lunch

Diego's getting married!! Last year's colleagues :)
Auxiliares enjoying breakfast in the staff room

My Wacky Kids

A sad goodbye to a good place...

MP Pool time!

Last night out dancing!

The original posse

Mis Amores

Goodbye Lunch.. :'-(

Goodbye Gifts
Packing all of this...

...Into all this

And Safely landing Home.

Well there you have it folks another year wrapped up nicely in one post. Thanks for the memories!



  1. WOW Cathy!!!! You seriously have seen soooo much!!!!! you are making me want to follow you on your new adventure! I cannot get over how cool you have made your past two years!!! (& to think these pictures are only from one year...)

    1. Lol well that's why I'm going for round three. There is SOOO much more to see :)